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Motivational Mile Signs

Motivational Mile Sign Request Form

Motivation mile is meant to inspire runners in both the half and full marathons. Half marathoners will pass through this section twice and marathoners will be through just as they are taking on their last few miles.

Place your order here to support a specific runner, to cheer on your team, to bring a smile to all runners passing through, or even for yourself!


It's $50 per sign.  Well create the sign based upon what you send us.  You can send us just the text of your order message, add an image along with it (and we'll put them together), or if you like, send us (as an image) a completed design yourself. 

Any questions? Email us at

Deadline was Friday, September 29; we can no longer take orders. 

Instructions: Requestor to fill out all fields below. Check the box to acknowledge the fee charged, then click the 'Order Now' button.  Then a new popup window will come up to request your credit card information. 

Upload Image to add to message
Upload for your designed sign

Note: If nothing happens when you click 'Order Now', check if any of the fields have a red outline.  That means you need to enter something or select it. 

Thanks for submitting!

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