For Athlete Tracking via SMS texting as they cross each split point, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://register.chronotrack.com/event/tracking/eventID/65193

  2. Login in or create a simple login with your name and email.

    • This step is needed as a safety precaution, so the athlete knows who is tracking them

  3. Search for your athlete by name or bib number.  Bib numbers are not assigned until bib pick up, so we recommend searching by name.

  4. Click on Get Mobile Updates button

  5. Click on Agree button for the SMS Waiver

  6. Enter your cell phone number

  7. Click Complete & Save.


You may then add another athlete to track.

Pleases stop by the information both at the Expo or ask one of our many volunteers for the best way to spectate at Baystate.



One of the best places to cheer for your runner for the marathon is the Rourke bridge.  You can see them at mile 3 and then again when the come across for the 2nd loop, approximately mile 13.  From there either move across the bridge to see them at mile 22 or proceed to the finish line to greet them when the finish.


Half Marathon

To see your runner multiple times, you can cheer for them at the race start, then make your way to Suffolk Street (one street west of Arcand, the finish line street).  Half marathoners will run this street twice.  Suffolk Street is also the Exchange Point for the Half Marathon Relay. 


You can easily meet your runner at the end of the finish chute by proceeding down Hall Street from Suffolk (towards the Tsongas Center).