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We are including a new “challenge” to Baystate this year. The Baystate Badges Challenge.
It is new category added to the Relay. First responder relay teams will compete against each other for the honor of the Baystate Badges Trophy. The winning department will have their name and team engraved and take home the trophy for the year. We plan to continue this challenge annually.

Come run with us and take the trophy!


Registration for 2024 Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon is open! Use the button below. 

2024 Baystate Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay is Sunday, Oct. 20, 2024, at 8AM.

Registration info - please read!

​Note, once you register, deferrals and cancellations are not allowed, as we are a non-profit organization and required to deliver services in the same fiscal period money is collected.


You do have the option to transfer your registration to another runner or donate your registration fees to the GLRR Youth Fund.  You can switch your registration from one event to the other. (More info below on this page.)

When registering for the Half Marathon Relay, each team member must register individually, but must enter the same team's name - this allows us to pair you on race day. 

Participants can register as Male, Female or Non-Binary.

Non-Binary participants compete in an open division separate from the Male and Female divisions. The Non-Binary division will have award plaques presented to the top 5 competitors based on net-time. (There are no cash awards.) 

Make sure to read more on this web page for further information on registration.

Questions about registration? Contact our registration coordinator at 

Managing Your Registration


You can manage and make changes to your registration on-line.


Things you can do are:


  • Verify your registration and/or edit personal details

  • Switch between the marathon and half marathon

  • Transfer your registration to another person


Registration Confirmation


In the confirmation email that you received, there should be a link to make changes to your registration (if you do not have the confirmation email, please contact


Once you have located the email, it will contain a link you can use to manage your registration.


After clicking on the link in the email you are sent, you will come to a screen that allows you to edit aspects of your registration including: address, age, gender, phone numbers, email address, shirt size, and the option to switch between the marathon and the half marathon and the option to transfer your registration to someone else for $25.


Switching Between the Marathon and the Half Marathon


From the link you were sent to, you can switch from the marathon to the half marathon or from the half marathon to the marathon.  There is no charge to switch from the marathon to the half marathon.  If you switch from the half marathon to the marathon, you must pay the difference in the registration fees.

Transferring Your Registration to Someone Else


You can transfer your registration to someone else for a transfer fee of $25, using the link in the confirmation email. Here are a few points to consider before you make the transfer. In these notes, the person initiating the transfer is referred to as the ‘transferer’. The person receiving the transfer is referred to as the ‘transferee’.


  • The deadline for transfers is September 30.

  • Registration transfer costs the transferer $25.00. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Neither the transferer or transferee may cancel the transfer once initiated.

  • The transferer’s registration will become inactive once the transfer is intiated.

  • The transferer must supply the email address of the transferee.

  • The transferee will receive an email containing instructions on how to complete the transfer. The email will contain a link to use for registration along with a special discount code. The discount code will deduct the value of the original transferers entry fee. If the transferee tries to register for a more expensive event, they will need to pay the difference before they are allowed to register (this includes prices steps based on date).

  • If the transferee does not complete the transfer, the transferee’s registration remains inactive and the transfer fee is forfeit.

  • It is the responsibility of the transferer to collect the entry fee from the transferee.

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