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  • How much does it cost to sign up? When do prices increase?
    Please check out our registration landing page to see current pricing for each race distance. Price increases are scheduled for August 1, September 1, October 1, and for Expo weekend.
  • When does registration close?
    Online Registration closes Saturday October 19, 2024 at 4 PM EST. In-person registration is available at the Expo. There is no Race Day registration.
  • Can I defer my entry or cancel it with a refund?
    No. Deferrals and cancellations are not allowed, as we are a non-profit organization and required to deliver services in the same fiscal period money is collected. You do have the option to transfer your registration to another runner (see next question's answer).
  • Can I transfer my registration to another runner?
    Yes. Transferring of bibs can be done through the Chronotrack/Athlinks account listed on your confirmation email. Click the blue button for "manage updates". Once logged in, you will see "change race" as an option button along the right hand side of the screen. From there, you can select "defer". While we don't defer race bibs, this button allows for you to transfer your bib by generating coupon code that will be emailed to you. Share this code with the recipient of your transfer.
  • What if I want to run a different distance than I registered for, or have questions about my registration?
    Transfers between the Marathon and Half Marathon can be handled via a link that should have been received in your confirmation email. Please email with questions or issues.
  • Anything special to know about registering for the Half Marathon Relay?
    Yes. Each participant needs to sign up separately. When signing up, each team member enters the same team's name - this allows us to pair you on race day.
  • Do you offer Military discounts?
    The answer is "Yes! We offer discounts to active and retired military. Please email for details.
  • What is the minimum age for participation?
    Participants must be 16 years old on race day to participate in any of the Baystate races.
  • Where can I pick up my bib and race packet?
    Bibs and race packets can be picked up on the prior Friday and Saturday before the race at the Baystate Expo; location is TBD. On Race Day, you can pick them up at the Tsongas Center. For more information go to the Expo/Bib Pickup page.
  • Can I pick up a friend’s bib?
    Yes, please have a copy of their ID (electronic or paper) in order to pick up someone else’s bib.
  • Will there be pace groups for the Marathon?
    Pace groups will be available for the following times: 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50 and 4:00. Pacers will run the entire course at an even pace.
  • Are the courses USATF certified?
    Yes. The Bay State Marathon is USATF certified with certification number, MA23008JK (2023). The Bay State Half Marathon is USATF certified with certification number, MA23009JK (2023).
  • Where is the Exchange Point for the Half Marathon Relay?
    The exchange point is on Suffolk Street, shortly after the water stop at mile 6.6.
  • What is the profile of the course?
    Both the Marathon and Half Marathon are flat and fast. Generally the largest “hills” are the bridges over the Merrimack. Go to the Course Description page for more details. Also, has a nice profile of the course here:
  • Do you have course maps?
    Course map and description for both races can be found on our Course Maps & Descriptions page.
  • What is the course time limit?
    Official services shut down 6 hours after the start of the race and the course will be shut down. Anyone on the course after this time limit will be asked to move to the sidewalks in order to finish.
  • Where is parking available?
    Parking is available for a flat rate of $5.00 (cash only) on race day only at the George Ayotte Parking Facility at 11 Post Office Square (next to the Tsongas Center, it will fill up early). Normal rates apply at the other parking garages in the area: the Joseph Downes Garage at 75 John Street, and the Leo A Roy Parking Facility at 100 Market St. Street parking is also available on a first come, first serve basis. More information about the garages can be found here:
  • If I am running the relay, anything special I have to know for race day?
    Yes. The Baystate Half Marathon Relay will be run on the Baystate Half Marathon course following the exact same route. There will be 2 legs of approximately 6.6 miles each (exact mileage to be determined). The exchange point is on Suffolk Street, shortly after the water stop at mile 6.6. Both runners will carry a baton, that is passed along at the exchange point.
  • Where should I wear my racing bib?
    It's suggested that you wear your bib secured to the front of your shirt. This will help volunteers direct you on the run as needed, and it will help identify you easier in the race photos.
  • Will there be gear/bag check?
    Gear/bag check is available. There will be a team of high school volunteers collecting bags near the start line beginning between 6-6:30am. They will sort them and transport them to the finish. In order to check your gear/bag, use the tear-off gear tag that comes with your bib, along with your own bag, sack or the like. Use Village Map on the Race Day Info page to find where gear/bag check-in and pickup locations are. Gear/bag check-in closes when the race starts. You can check your things up to the last minute – but be aware, there is likely to be a line of others doing the same thing and you might miss the starting gun. After the race, your gear/bag will be available just beyond the finish chute.
  • How many waterstops are there?
    Water stops are available approximately every 2 miles on both the Marathon and Half Marathon course. Water, lemon-lime Gatorade, and portable toilets are available at each stop. In addition, GU-brand Vanilla Bean gels will be available on the Marathon course at miles 7 and 17.
  • Will runners be chipped timed?
    Yes. Each bib has a chip timer attached to the back of it.
  • Will there be race photos?
    New for 2022 - we are partnering with Pics2Go to provide great race day photos that are easy to share on social media so you can brag to all our friends! Please go to the Race Pictures page after race day to access your photos.
  • Can I have someone pace me during the race?
    It is against USATF rules for a coach to jump in and pace a runner. The runner should be disqualified per those rules. The option for someone going for an OTQ at our race is to have their personal pacer register and run with them.
  • Can I use headgear (e.g., headphones or AirPods) to listen to music, podcast, etc., during the race?
    The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at this race. To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants, and to hear race officials, we encourage a headphone-free environment during the running of the Baystate Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay. We believe your race experience and those around you will be greatly enhanced by leaving the headphones at home or in the car. Running headphone-free allows opportunities to develop camaraderie with your fellow runners and to enjoy everything the race has to offer. Plus, volunteers and spectators will be on course cheering you on and providing directions to help get you to the finish line. Runner safety has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for our event. Please be mindful of the other participants and respect the race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.
  • Can strollers, rollerblades or bikes be used on the course?
    Strollers, rollerblades and unauthorized bikes are not allowed.
  • Can I use a hydration packs or gear? Can family or friends pass me hydration?
    Yes. You can wear a hydration pack, bring your own water bottles, and the like. Note: if you need to fill them up along the race, you must do so by yourself, making sure not to interfere with volunteers on the course. Yes. You can also have family or friends pass you hydration along the race. Again, make sure you don't intefere with other runners or volunteers on the course.
  • Is the Marathon a Boston Marathon Qualifier?
    YES! Our course is a Boston Marathon qualifier. In fact, last year in 2023, the Baystate Marathon was ranked #15 in the top 50 BQ marathons by We had 28% of our marathon field BQ last year! For more information on Boston Qualifying, please visit the BAA’s website at:
  • What are the Age Group Awards?
    For a detailed explanation of awards and how we award them, please see the Results, Awards & Records page.
  • Will there be medals?
    Yes, each finisher will be given a finishers medal made by our title sponsor Ashworth Awards. In addition, if you run a PR in either race or a BQ in the marathon stop by the Greater Lowell Road Runners tent to receive a special PR or BQ keychain.
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