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New for 2022 - we are partnering with Pics2Go to provide great race day photos that are easy to share on social media so you can brag to all our friends!

Runners, you should have received an email from Pics2go about how your personal photo gallery (that works with Facebook) is ready.  Along with your pictures, the link will also give you your finisher's certificate and fly-through.  So, use that route first. 


Note that if you cannot see or find pictures, or have too few, one of the main reasons we are finding is that runners didn't wear their bibs on the front of themselves.  (Instead on the side or hidden, and so full bib numbers not seen by Pics2Go.

If you didn't get the email or have questions, then contact


Otherwise, use the tool below to check out (just) pictures from this year's Baystate! 

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