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For this year's race, runners must provide proof of either vaccination or a negative COVID test result within the prior 72 hours of race day. 


In addition, mask wearing has been proven effective in reducing the spread of the virus. We encourage you to wear a mask in any locations where social distancing is not possible. 


Runners, we are asking you fill out, sign, and print the attestation form (link below).  Have it signed and ready to go with a copy of your vaccination card or negative test when you come for bib pick-up. 


Virtual copies of the card or test are fine, but we need a physical copy of the attestation to keep on file. 

COVID-19 Attestation Form

Picking up for a friend? Besides their Attestation form, you will need a copy of their vaccination card along with their driver’s license.  We will not accept a negative COVID test for proxy pickups.

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